We have successfully delivered SINO truck mounted concrete mixer

We have successfully delivered Two units of Sino truck-mounted concrete mixer of 10cbm to Walabu Construction SC and another to Oromia waterworks construction enterprise. This beast-like truck with a 340 HP engine with a double axel drive has a high-performance capability like no other. These trucks for all year round work and they are known for their high-performance engines. They are suitable for off-road projects and construction sites in the cities. They can hold up to 10cbm of cement from the batch plant to the project site without a hitch.
Now let’s look at ways to evaluate this product apart from mere look and product hype: From the size of the mixer to its power consumption and price tag, there are two factors to consider when you are making your choice.

Money Vs. Value: Like any equipment you buy for your business, you want to know that your investment is going to pay off. While purchasing a concrete mixer will require an outlay of cash, it could save you money in the long run. When you’re doing your calculations, consider how often you use a concrete mixer versus how much it costs to rent. If you decide to buy, you can find a wide range of different prices out there.
Models that are more affordable are built from light materials while mixers made from heavy materials come with a higher price tag. If you use a concrete mixer a few times a week, a light-duty mixer is a suitable option. However, if you are using your machine rapidly it’s wise to use go with a high-duty mixer.

Size: The size and frequency of the task directly affect the size of the concrete mixer. Before you buy a concrete mixer, consider what projects you’re going to be involved in from small scale to enormous time and resource-consuming projects all have different needs of the equipment. To make sure that you get the most out of your mixer, you’ll need to make sure that your mixer matches the size of the jobs your business is typically tasked with.

SINOTRUK produced China’s first heavy-duty truck- Huanghe JN150 8t truck in 1960, and introduced a heavy-duty truck project from Steyr in 1983. After rapid development of many years, SINOTRUK has initially built an international platform through the red-chip listing in Hong Kong in 2007, forged a strategic partnership with MAN which holding a 25%+1 stake in SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) Limited in 2009, and introduced a series of technologies from the outside soon afterwards.

Nowadays, with overwhelming superiorities in technology and market, SINOTRUK has become China’s largest heavy truck manufacturing base that has made a remarkable contribution to the development of China’s heavy-duty truck industry and economic construction.

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