In the past six years the company supplies different construction materials and machinery for its valuable customers. We are sole distributor of Hansom Kenfingda Pipe Factory Products and MEAU corrugated sheets Factory products.

Import & Export

We are engaged in importation of Machinery, Construction materials, Electromechanical equipment and Industrial materials. We are also a major exporter of Coffee and various agricultural commodities.


We manage distribution of our clients imported goods with our in house logistics facilities. We deliver our clients valuable products to their destination with upmost care and dedication.


We have professional experts who have a solid experience in Import & Export business. If you are planning to Import/Export goods and services, we will help you go through every steps.


We import Excavators, Loader, Grader, Trucks, Dump Trucks, various Electro Mechanical Equipment like Pumps, Mixers, Machineries for small business.  We also import various Power Generators, Vehicles, Escalators and Lift systems.

With our efficient logistics, not only we import your goods but also deliver it to your preferred destination. If you are new to Ethiopian market or you want to Buy/Import goods from International market, we will arrange a consultation on each steps you need to take and provide you assistance through your journey .


We mainly export Coffee, Seed Pulses and various beans to Asia and European market. Our business conduct and professional excellence has been helping our international clients and partners grow their business as while building a lasting relationship.

We export Coffee that are certified and goes through ECX Warehouses. We export Specialty and Organic Coffee Arabica to China, Middle East and USA. The international market is very dynamic and we have professionals that are attentive to market dynamic and price details. We also export Sesame, Soy Beans, Chickpeas, Sunflower, Various Cereals to our international partners.

From the source to your destination, we got you covered.

Through time we have developed a strong partnership with different business sectors, these sectors include Construction, Manufacturing, Management and Consulting, Accounting, Wholesale and alike and we believe we can prosper together with endless Opportunities and Possibilities.


Our entire business operations have been backed by efficient supplying Logistic equipment and fleet management system. The population includes productive and reliable transport Vehicles, Loading & Unloading forklifts, Service vehicles etc. Furthermore, our equipment resources match its current and future commitments.

From source to destination, we got you covered. We import your goods from our reliable partners and deliver it to your doorsteps. Our service doesn’t end there, we will consult you through your business.

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