Ethiopia exports Steam Coal for the first time

Admemo Trading PLC has become a major player in the Ethiopian coal mining sector and is set to export steam coal for the first time. A full cargo of over 2,000 tons is already loaded to Djibouti port, and ready to be shipped off to international markets.
Admemo Trading, which was established in 2014 with ambitions to engage in diverse investments in Ethiopia’s mining industry, agriculture, commodity export, and import of goods that are backs the growing demand. Admemo is born out of the need to make a difference and to provide completive global service from Ethiopia. Ethiopia holds one of the most untapped natural resources and a resilient 100 million-people market. We believe we all have a role to play and our partners and clients are as important as our shareholders.

It is with great pride and a sense of achievement for our team as well as for Ethiopia to be able to export high-quality steam coal to an international market. We signed an agreement to export 45,000 metric tons of steam coal to the global market and we are already fulfilling the delivery by sending batches of tracks to the Djibouti port. We source raw coal from local youth cooperatives in bulk and process it for further cleaning in our facility.

The gravity of the Ethiopian energy problem has initiated studies to explore various energy resources in the country, one among these is the exploration of coal resources. Studies confirmed the presence of high coal deposits across southern and southwestern regions.
These major coal mining belts are found in Benishangul Gumuz regional state, Chilga in Gondar, the central part of Shewa, western Oromia, and Dawro in southern Ethiopia. This potential resource is now being processed into the economy through various partnerships and business opportunities. The Ethiopian government is committed to diversifying its economy and the country is expected to become a leading exporter of clean coal soon. The export of steam coal will help the country achieve this goal.

Since the mass production of coal has been ratified by the Ethiopian government, production was mainly focused on local industries. The usage of coal by cement manufacturers has saved 100 million dollars from the national coffer.

Since the early 2010s, coal has been steadily supplied to local markets such as sugar factories and cement manufacturing companies like National Cement Share Company, Dangote Cement Share Company, and others. Previously Ethiopia used to import coal from South Africa but now we are slowly moving toward being coal-independent. And, we have enough reserve to cover local demands and beyond.

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