Admemo Trading to supply KSB pumps to Oromia Construction Corporation (OCC)

KSB is a leading German pump and plumbing manufacturer and supplier. With over 150 years of history, they are the global leading brand when it comes to fluid engineering. Pumps, valves, and services ─ this is KSB’s business. Their highly efficient, reliable solutions are used wherever fluids need to be transported, controlled, or shut off. From standard products for applications in building services and industry, custom-made units for the mining and energy sectors to special solutions for transporting water or chemicals they provide their customers with the highest-quality pumps and valves.

KSB employs over 15,000 people in development, production, sales, and service around the globe. All of them share a passion for the art of engineering. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that they are continuously innovating and expanding.

In the past few years, KSB has been aggressively expanding in Africa. They have a strong presence in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Egypt, and South Africa with plans to further expand into other countries as well. With this expansion comes Admemo, as a KBS partner in Ethiopia.
As the country is transforming into a middle-income nation, there is an ever-increasing active investment in big infrastructure projects like dams and irrigation. Admemo trading has been a major importer of industrial pumps, pipes, and fitting for large-scale infrastructure projects and delivery of KBS pumps for Oromia Construction Corporation is one of the testaments.

Oromia Construction Corporation (OCC) is a leading contractor in transforming the country through major endeavors like mega irrigation projects. The award given to Admemo Trading for the supply of 7 pumps is a testament to our professional service and the commitment of OCC to provide global standards in the construction sector.

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