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Business Model and Philosophy

Through time we have developed a strong partnership with different business sectors, these sectors include Construction, Manufacturing, Management and Consulting, Accounting, Wholesale and alike and we believe we can prosper together with endless Opportunities and Possibilities.

By doing so, it aims at generating reasonable profit to its share holders as well as continues playing active role in the country’s supply and overall development efforts.

We work in a decentralized fashion with client-oriented supply management, financial, logistical and administrative goals. The company is organized in a well-defined responsibility area manner and the departments are acting as independent functioning units. Controlling and monitoring functions are based on close supervision by the senior executives of our company.

To remain consistent with the overall strategy of minimizing costs and delivering improved services, we are cautious of developing a large employee or operations infrastructure.


The overall strategy will relay on a continuous improvement including the process of setting innovative objectives, measuring result and providing feedback to facilitate further growth and progress. Included in the schemes are detailed monthly, quarterly and annual plans and reporting as well as risk and mitigation management plans for unforeseen circumstances such as price escalation.
In a nutshell, Admemo Trading P.L.C. will mange any of its clients’ materials supply in complete, thoughtful efficient and cost-effective way.


Admemo Trading P.L.C. strives to maintain technological leadership through the integrated use of the most up-to-date Supplying Equipments, tools, well organized management system, qualified manpower and healthy financial positions. Besides the ongoing efforts of building comprehensive capabilities and combining professional and technical resources required to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions that fulfill its clients’ needs, Admemo Trading P.L.C.’s capabilities are instrumental to meeting the aggressive implementation schedules of all Supplies.


Being creative to utilize the infinite opportunities and possibilities for the growing of our business particularly and for better future of the generation in large.


​Building Globally Competing, Trustworthy & Branded Company.
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Steel Import
Vehicles Import
Machineries Imports

Our Story

Admemo is born out of the need to make a difference and to provide an excellent customer service and professional support. We started small and now we are steadily growing for past Six years. Our grows mainly comes from our core principles of handling our clients and partners. We believe we all have a role to play and our partners and clients are as important as our shareholders.

The founders have a solid experience in Import Export business and the know how of the market dynamics. We started by importing of building materials and grow to importing Construction Machineries, Escalators, Steel and Pipes, Electro Mechanical Equipment and various types of Vehicles.

We export Coffee, Seed Pulses and various beans to Asia and European market. Our business conduct and professional excellence has been helping our international clients and partners grow their business as while building a lasting relationship.

The main objective of Admemo Trading P.L.C. is to consistently fulfill the highest client satisfaction using its expertise in the trading industry for the supply works. As to the core values, the company strive to:

Expert Leadership


Mark Cory​


Michel Joseph​



Jesmin Jery

HR Manager

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